Cookie Table FAQs

Why have gluten free, dairy free, or vegan desserts at my wedding?

With a growing percentage of people being diagnosed with Celiac disease, having dairy allergies or choosing a vegan lifestyle, it is thoughtful to include food options for your guests on your wedding day! Pittsburgh is the birthplace of the wedding cookie table and we can provide an entire allergen free display for your guests or accompany what your family will be contributing to a cookie display.

What type of desserts can I get for my cookie/dessert table?

We can provide a wide variety of dessert for a beautiful display, including but not limited to, mini chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, cranberry walnut, double chocolate chip, chocolate chip walnut, vanilla or chocolate sprinkle sugar cookies, mini gobs, mini cookie sandwiches, French macarons, mini cupcakes, brownie bites, mini lemon bars and SO much more!

How will my cookies be displayed?

We can provide your cookies on black plastic platters OR display them on platters provided by you or your caterer.

Do you provide labels to distinguish your items?

Yes, we can provide special labeling tags for all of the items displayed on your table for a small charge.

How much should I expect to spend on my cookie/dessert table?

Everything is priced a-la-carte so prices for each cookie table will vary depending on how many people you will want to serve and what you want to serve them. The best way to get an estimate is to schedule a meeting with our wedding consultant.

I’m having a brunch the day after my wedding for my guests, do you have breakfast items that I could serve them?

Yes, we have a variety of breakfast items you can choose from including donuts, tarts, muffins and scones. We can provide those items on black plastic platters for display or provide them to your caterer for display.